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Republican Doug Wardlow Tells Us Why He's Running for MN Attorney General


As the campaign season heats up many candidates are traveling through northern MN.  KAXE/KBXE will work hard to introduce you to many of this year's candidates.

Republican Doug Wardlow grew up in Eagan and is an accomplished trial and appellate attorney and served in the MN House from 2011-2013.  He’s now running for MN’s Attorney General.

We hope you'll listen to them all, do your homework and get out and vote!  The MN primaries are Tuesday August 14th but you can go to your local courthouse until then to vote absentee.  Acording to the MN Secretary of State's website:

You can only vote for candidates from one political party. If you vote for candidates from both political parties, your votes will not count. You decide which one of the two parties you will vote for—Minnesota does not have political party registration.

We are also proud to announce the 2018 Greater MN Governor's Forum at the Reif Center in Grand Rapids on Tuesday August 21st at 6pm.  It will be broadcast live on KAXE/KBXE and other Ampers stateions around the state as well as Lakeland Public Television and ICTV.