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Phenology Talkbacks: April 18, 2016

Dallas Clell Hudson via KAXE/KBXE Season Watch FB Page
Red Admiral Butterfly on a Red Maple Tree

North Post, Lake of the Woods School, Baudette, MN
Ms. Gregory, 2nd Grade, Pine River-Backus School, MN
Listener Observations and Comments

Phenology is the biological nature of events as they relate to climate. Every Tuesday, as our resident phenologist, John Latimer said this morning, "we introduce you to the world we live in."  During the "talkback" section of our show, listeners get to be part of telling nature's story...We gather phenology related listener comments, questions and observations and share them.  This week, we received some stellar reports from the 5th graders  at Roosevelt Elementary in Virginia, our North Post group from Lake of the Woods School in Baudette, and 2nd graders from the Pine River Backus School.  Between their reports and the listener observations and comments that came via our email and talkback line,  it's safe to say the times they are a changin'. It's spring! 

What have you noticed?  We love gathering reports from people just like you.  Email the station or John Latimer directly to share your observation and questions.  We love getting classrooms involved in natural world awareness, too.  If you are interested in getting your class involved, email JohnLatimer for more information.   

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As a mail carrier in rural Grand Rapids, Minn., for 35 years, John Latimer put his own stamp on a career that delivered more than letters. Indeed, while driving the hundred-mile round-trip daily route, he passed the time by observing and recording seasonal changes in nature, learning everything he could about the area’s weather, plants and animals, and becoming the go-to guy who could answer customers’ questions about what they were seeing in the environment.