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Sam Miltich & Friends: CenterStage Minnesota Concert Series

Sam Miltich with Charmin Michelle are the performers for our February edition of the CSMN Concert Series with The Reif Center

For the next in our CenterStage Concert series, we welcome hometown gypsy jazz hero, Sam Miltich, who will be joined by Charmin Michelle (vocals), Matthew Miltich (bass), Evan Price (violin) & Jay Epstein (drums). It continues the series on the third Thursday of the month, February 16th at 7:30pm in the 200-seat Mary Ives Studio at The Reif Center.

Tickets are available here.

Sam has commanded the gypsy jazz scene in northern Minnesota over the years, and for good reason. His talents and hard work have made him a household name to many of those living here. Beyond our northern Minnesota scene, he has played the Dakota Jazz Club in Minneapolis time and time again, extensively toured the US & Europe, appeared on Prairie Home Companion, making himself someone to be seen and heard.

The Star Tribute described singer Michelle as "Taste and understatement. Swing and savoir-faire. Grace and grooves. Intimacy and panache. Singer Charmin Michelle delivers all of the above and more." Michelle has been touring internationally since the mid-80s, and performing at jazz festivals everywhere.

Sam, Charmin & Friends have collaborated over the years, and bring high class jazz to our north woods. The intimate studio theater will be a great venue for this act. Get your tickets today!

To listen to what you might here on February 16th, check out this track from Sam's latest release, Sam & Friends, Live at the VFW featuring vocals from Charmin Michelle.

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