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Jennifer Olson Assistant Professor of Voice at BSU on the Thursday Morning Show

Jennifer Olson is an assistant professor of voice with the Bemidji State University Music Department.  She joins Heidi and John on the Thursday Morning Show to talk about the online video series she has created.  She says when Covid hit and teachers had to go virtual she realized there was no educational content out there for them to use.  Jennifer then worked hard to create a free online video series of dynamic virtual content to supplement middle school and high school choir curriculum.  So far, her content is reaching 96 teachers and programs in 5 states and more than 11,000 students.  She tells us of the challenges she faced with this project, the topics that are covered and the positive feedback she is receiving from teachers and students.  They are now in their second season releasing episode 6 out of 14 episodes produced per season.  Jennifer shares how rewarding this project has been for her and all that she has learned in creating it.