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Fishing in Hot Weather on Early Bird Fishing Guide


Early Bird Fishing Guide Jeff Sundin talks with John Bauer and Heidi Holtan on the Thursday Morning Show.  This week with warm weather on the way the topic of conversation is how the heat effects fishing.  The heat will encourage more algae bloom making fishing easier while feeding them and helping them get bigger.  However, heat can cause low water levels causing problems.  Jeff says it is a mixed bag of good and bad with this hot weather coming. 

Jeff gives us tips for fishing this weekend, what types of fish are biting and where on the lakes to look for them.  He also gives us heads up that if you want shiners get them now, the bait shops are running out and supplies of them could be non-existent by the end of the weekend.  John reminds us the turtles are out on the roads be careful not to run them over and help them cross the roads when you can.

More fishing tips at jeffsundin.com.