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Difficulty Streaming?

If you are having difficulties web streaming us, there are several options you can try:

1. Click on the Play button (triangle) at the top of our homepage.  This will play us immediately through your browser.

2.  If you are using a wifi radio, and cannot get our stream, try entering this web address directly on your device:  http://live.str3am.com:2750/kaxe

3.  If your device requires a secure web stream (SSL) like the Amazon Echo and Dot, use this address:  https://live.streamguys1.com:2753/kaxe

Sarah Bignall was named Interim General Manager is early 2022. Prior to being GM, Sarah started working at KAXE/KBXE in 2015 and was promoted to Director of Operations in 2016. Her duties included on-air programming, day-to-day operations, management of staff and coordinating and managing many of our events.