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Mailbag! We LOVED hearing from so many of you this week!

We're all in this together and that was evident by the emails, texts, messages and phone calls we received from listeners this week... Thank you, thank you, thank you for reaching out to us!  We LOVE serving you! Keep touching base!  

Sendan emailor leave a message at 218-999-9876. 

Here are some of the messages that came our way this week: 


Sam: by the way, if you're looking for some quality radio companionship during these times, you can't do much better than what KAXE is churning out. They stream worldwide from way up on the Iron Range. And if you are not from Minnesota, you're going to find the accents adorable.


Richard, Pequot Lakes:  This social distancing is tough. We are all going through a deep organic loss and it starts feeling like a death in the community, maybe even a death in the family.  But there's no funeral, no gathering in memorial, just empty mourning. It's just tough. You know, instead of waiting at a pool of self-pity, we might be better off trying to see those things still worth celebrating. Finding those things, those moments, those feelings that infused life back into our souls: find nature, right an honest to God letter and mail it to someone, read a good book, sing out loud in the shower, whatever it takes. We start by raising our own spirits so we can honestly be an ambassador of hope and then share that hope with others. Life is still good.

Rhoda and Doug from Pennington e-mailed from the road: Thank you so much for providing us good music during our road trip back to Minnesota, driving back from wintering in California. Strange times. But you are helping us navigate.

Eric in Mandan, North Dakota: First, thank you for providing such excellent programming at all times in your sincere efforts to put your listeners at ease during this challenging time. One song that always brings unfiltered joy to my heart is Birdland by Weather Report. It isn't really the soldier-on, we-can-overcome type of jam, but it is a feel good banger. Side note, love the station - got turned on to it when I was studying for the bar exam at my parents lake cabin and I've been a listener members since even since even though I live in North Dakota .

Pat from Colleraine:  The staff at KAXE have been and continue to be a bedrock support of the community in the midst of all this. Please rest and be safe to yourselves.

Tricia from Bemidji:  Hi there. Just received the friendly update e-mail BUZZ from KAXE KBXE. Just wanted to say I appreciate the programming changes to help listeners both get information and still stay grounded. Give us bread, but give us roses, right? I believe I heard you are considering a second night of Green Cheese. I think this is a fab idea. Do it. Do it.

Telephone Messages called into 218-999-9876:

 I was just calling about the mix-tape program we had today [Monday], lovely people calling in with songs that give them comfort. And I was thinking of John Lennon and Beautiful Boy. I don't know why, I would just like hearing it. – Jane Gorsky, Pine River

I have a joke: Ole decided to go fishing and didn't have any luck. So he threw his line by the railroad tracks. He caught a great Northern! Have a wonderful day. Everyone keep smiling – Mary, Cass Lake.

Hi, The past two weeks was about average temps and three plus inches of snow. Signs of spring are here in Mississippi in Cohasset is starting to open with swans, Canadian geese, buffalo head and mergansers on the ice edge. Fox and Turkey tracks in the woods with a porcupine in the maple tree on a sunny day. Raccoon tracks along the water edge the brook.  Regular birds at the feeder with Purple Finch arriving on March 10th. Snow depth in the yard is 48 centimeters, with all of us feeling helpless at this time, stop by and close-by nursing home and fill the bird feeders.  The guests are shut in their rooms with just a TV… But nature’s TV is always changing and always puts a little sunshine in your day. Have a nice day! Chris Gull Lake

Good morning KAXE!  Reporting that Mary’s snowdrop plants are booming on the south side of the house.  – Brad from Grand Rapids 

Hey there. I'm calling from the Nevis area. Just wanted to tell you of our idea for this crazy, locked-in time. We could not find any toilet paper in town. We have some, but it will run out if we get locked in. And so this is our plan. I can find Kleenexes. So we've been using the Kleenexes as we would, because we're old and our noses running all the time, putting them in the bag after we use them - a paper bag - and we're going to fill that bugger up. And if we need toilet paper later, that's going to be our stash. So just in case anybody is in the same predicament, there's our idea for the lockdown. Hope all is well. Everyone be safe. And thanks so much for being there and for your great programming!

 I’m a part time listener,  not so much over the past years… I always felt like an outcast, I'm more of a conservative style …But nowadays I came back to the website, to kind of judge you… but I came to the KAXE website and it was very good, helpful  information.  I thought, “where am I at?” As much as I didn’t feel welcome, I also didn’t judge fairly.  … in these experiences, we all come together….  Love you guys!  I’m out on the road… see you on the other side!  - Pat  

Thank you for your support. We truly appreciate it and are honored to serve  you!