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MN Attorney General Keith Ellison on Safety in Minnesota During Political Unrest and a Pandemic

Attorney General Keith Ellison joined us this morning for a candid conversation on safety in Minnesota During political upheaval and a pandemic. He addresses what happened last week when rioters supporting President Donald Trump stormed the United States Capitol and he talks about the safety precautions that are in place in the state of Minnesota in the aftermath.  He addresses the need for a vigilant balance to be in place to both maintain law and order and public safety but at the same time making sure there is an avenue for protest and freedom.

Attorney General Ellison talks with John and Heidi about the opening of restaurants and bars.  While he thanks those owners who are following the restrictions in place, he reminds us that those who are not are putting lives at risk.  He stresses that the government does not go out looking for violators but are investigating on complaints received by the public.

Mental health issues during the pandemic are part of the conversation.  The Attorney General gives some ideas on how to get through these stressful times and reminds us to hold-tight and be kind vaccines are on the way. 

To reach the Attorney General’s office to report a violation or to find out if you are being scammed go to