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Observations of the Morning in Bemidji Poet Mark Christensen's New Collection of Poems

Image of Mark Christensen and the cover of his new collection of poems "A Quick Reveal," a birch grove with the sun shining in a golden hue.
Writer & poet Mark Christensen and his new collection of poems.

Mark Christensen is a recently retired professor of English at Bemidji State University, is active in local theater, and has just published a new collection of poems called A Quick Reveal: Random Poetry of the Early Morning. This collection highlights many observations and ruminations Mark captured on his many decades of morning walks to work. In this interview, Mark reads his poem “Landlocked in Minnesota.”

A Quick Reveal is published by Birchtree Books and is available for sale at Four Pines Bookstore in Bemidji, MN.

Tammy works at Bemidji State University's library, and she hosts "What We're Reading," a show about books and authors.