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BSO Conductor Beverly Everett to Perform Solo Organ Recital!

Beverly Everett

I think it's so important as a conductor that you keep performing on your instrument, and I know a lot of conductors who who don't because the lives of a conductor is very busy...But for me, I find that when I put myself on the hot seat, it it really helps me be a better conductor because you can empathize and you can relate with the people that are sitting there playing their instrument...it just causes me to be able to help them better and collaborate with them better. It's always funny... when I'm conducting, I sometimes will be doing a difficult piece and I'll think I'd almost rather be playing the organ because I'm more in control and then vice versa when I'm playing the organ. Sometimes I think, oh, I'd really rather be conducting and I would worry about playing wrong note...I feel really lucky to be able to do both. - Beverly Everett


Beverly Everett has historically performed with her back to an audience as conductor of the Bemidji Symphony Orchestra.  Today at noon, she'll present a solo organ recital at First Lutheran Church in Bemidji.  In this Area Voices segment, Beverly discusses her longtime relationship with keyboards and organs, how the landscape has changed in symphonies in terms of male to female ratios, and much more! 

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