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Fairy Tales & Mental Health: Fidgety Fairy Tales


Mental illness affects each and every one of us.  1 in 4 adults experiences a mental illness each year.  1 in 10 children.  We all know someone dealing with some level of mental illness.  

The Grand Rapids Chapter of the National Association of Mental Illness brings Fidgety Fairy Tales to the Reif Center tonight, Thursday, January 12.  The one hour play will dive into childhood mental illness through the enjoyable platform of a musical.  Through dialogue, singing, dancing and fun Fidgety Fairy Tales opens the door to conversations and deeper understanding of mental health issues affecting kids, their families and their friends.  

The event is free to the public and meant for all ages and begins at 7pm.

If you think your community would benefit from a Fidgety Fairy Tales production, contact Matt Jensen at the the Minnesota Association for Children's Mental Health