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Board of Directors Voting Open Now Through June 14th


Who gets to vote? How do I get involved?

The election is now open for this year’s Northern Community Radio’s Board of Directors. Voting will be open through June 14.

Who gets to vote?

If there are 2 persons in your household, ages 16 or older, and you have paid at least $20/person in membership to Northern Community Radio between 10/1/2020-5/20/2022, you may both vote. Otherwise, there is one vote per membership. Two votes per membership are the maximum. According to Northern Community Radio’s bylaws, business underwriters are also entitled to vote.

How do I vote?

If we have an email address in our database for your household or business, you should have gotten an email on Friday, May 27. The email’s subject is “Vote now: Northern Community Radio – 2022 Board of Directors Election.” Click the link in the email and use your assigned voter information. If you have two people in your household, you will get two emails (one for each of you).

If we do not have your email address, up to 2 members in your household will receive a postcard in the mail with instructions on how to vote online”

Each person has a voter key that is unique and may only be used once.

How many people can I vote for?

Each member can select 2 candidates.

Why did you switch to online voting?

Paper ballots took hours of staff time to prepare and tally. We are trying a new way this year, and we hope it’s easy for our voters and efficient. We also hope this will increase participation.

Jennifer has worked at Northern Community Radio since 2006 and spent 17 years as Membership Manager. She shifted to a host/producer position in 2023. She hosts the Monday Morning Show and is the local host of National Public Radio's "All Things Considered" a few days a week. She also writes public services announcements and creates web stories.