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Entries We Love: james the eighth, 'Come Around'

Hometown: Los Angeles, Calif.

Pairs well with: Preparing for a tough conversation with a loved one

"One, two, three, hey!" That's our spirited introduction to "Come Around," in which james the eighth sings passionately about being in a one-sided relationship. However it's happened to you, in romantic, platonic or familial love, the artist's therapeutic vocals vividly express the frustration of dealing with someone who only shows up when they need you: "See things from my point of view / All you do is let me down, 'cause you never come around." james the eighth's R&B-inspired vocals are filled with sultry falsettos and rich vibrato, and a simple arrangement — just a cajón drum, guitar and bass — envelops the melody in a blanket of soul. "Come Around" begins by laying out the addressee's pattern of neglect, and ends with a pretty firm solution: "Don't come around / Don't come knocking on my door." Or, in other words, keep that same energy.

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