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Nov 5 - Nov 11 Dear America by Eric Bibb

Eric Bibb - Dear America
KAXE/KBXE's album of the week, Eric Bibb's Dear America

For his 23rd album, blues troubadour Eric Bibb wrote a love letter to the nation that has disappointed, harmed, enabled, freed, and loved its citizens. In other words, a love letter housed in reality, not in the ideal.

Discussing issues we are all familiar with in 2021, Bibb sings about racial injustice, our society in the midst of a pandemic, a divided nation and so many other complex societal concerns. This may sound depressing, or angry, but the way he delivers the messages are held within songs and vocals that are caring, kind, understanding and authentically hurt at times.

Joined by several musician friends, Bibb recruited players like Billy Branch, Eric Gales, Steve Jordan and more.

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