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Sept 24 - Sept 30 A Southern Gothic by Adia Victoria

Red Light Management

Adia Victoria is a musician that always creates music with a purpose. Sometimes very layered and complex, some totally stripped down and bare bones, the songs are created for impact and most often, stay pretty serious. In A Southern Gothic, Victoria's third album, she explores her relationship to the south, and the south's relationship to her as a Black woman. Produced by T. Bone Burnett, she created an album full of love, anger, and as she puts it, 'creepy grooves'.

Adia Victoria - You Was Born To Die (feat. Kyshona, Margo Price, & Jason Isbell) [Official Video]

Ever a (rightful) critic of the music industry and the scene in Nashville where she lives, Adia Victoria has also started a podcast, Call and Response. In the podcast, she has conversations with fellow musicians and industry figures like Brandi Carlile, Amythyst Kiah, Jason Isbell, Lucy Dacus, Rhiannon Giddens and others about the whitewashing of the roots music community and minimizing Black artists.

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