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August 20th - 26th Mother Nature by Angelique Kidjo

Angelique Kidjo - Mother Nature
The Album of the Week, Mother Nature by Angelique Kidjo, available now

Throughout her entire career, Angelique Kidjo has proclaimed her genuine belief that music can change the world. Born and raised in Benin, Kidjo has cemented herself as a staple to the music scene in Africa, often being called 'Africa's premier diva'.

A four-time Grammy winner, she has released her 13th album, Mother Nature, connecting and collaborating with musicians from Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Mali, Zambia and the US.

Though she is called Africa's diva, it feels more appropriate to give her Africa's Mother after this album. Throughout, she is fighting for rights for Africa's women and girls, looking out for the next generation, the importance of African nations and understanding humanity.

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