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July 2-July 9 - Mood Valiant by Hiatus Kaiyote

Mood Valiant - Hiatus Kaiyote
Mood Valiant by Melbourne band Hiatus Kaiyote, available now

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Hiatus Kaiyote plays a blend of jazz, funk and what they call 'future soul'. At the center of the band is guitarist and R&B vocalist Naomi Saalfield, known professionally as Nai Palm.

The band had completed the instrumentals for Mood Valiant, our album of the week, when Naomi found out she had breast cancer. After treatment and a mastectomy, she came back into the studio with a renewed energy and focus.

In the end, Naomi felt that it was music that saved her in her darkest hour, and hopes this album will touch others when they need it most.

Hiatus Kaiyote - Red Room

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