Mixtape: Jingle Bell Rocks!

Dec 25, 2017

When you hear Christmas music does it fill you with happy thoughts?  A place surrounded by family sipping a beverage by the fireplace or does it remind you of the time Uncle Kenny had too much to drink- passed out on the couch and your cousin's wrestling caused the Christmas tree to fall over. 


Regardless of where the music takes you, it's that time of year Christmas music is hard to avoid.  Mitchell Kezin is a film maker and holiday music enthusiast.   In his documentary, “Jingle Bell Rocks!” Mitchell explores the power of holiday music and takes us deep into the stacks of Christmas music.  



WEB EXCLUSIVE: Documentary Film maker of Jingle Bell Rocks, spoke with Sarah Bignall on Mixtape.  Sarah and Mitchell talk about Flaming Lips Frontman, Wayne Coyne.

Mitchell Kezin and Wayne Coyne
Credit Oscilloscope Laboratories / Oscilloscope Laboratories

The documentary is Jingle Bell Rocks!  You can find it streaming on Amazon Prime or visit jinglebellrocks.com. Have a favorite holiday song?  Send it to us comments@kaxe.org.