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Substance Abuse Changemakers: Community Volunteers Needed


Kelly Chandler from Itasca County Health and Lori Rothstein from University of MN Extension Service/College of Pharmacy were in today to talk about communicating and getting involved in making change in our communities when it comes to substance abuse.  They told us about recovery capitals.

Recovery capitals are everything a person has working to their advantage when trying to get clean from addiction. And, the more “capital” someone has, and the better the quality, the more successful their recovery is likely to be. There are four categories: PHYSICAL CAPITAL:Physical is about the basic needs: having a safe place to live and enough to eat; having access to transportation, adequate clothes, and finances. HUMAN CAPITAL Human is about the individual: having employable skills, education, and social and emotional skills. Resilience comes in here as well. Is the person optimistic, have perseverance, self-awareness, confidence, and a sense of purpose? SOCIAL CAPITAL: Social consists of positive, supporting relationships such as friends, family, coworkers, mentors, and other community members. CULTURAL CAPITAL: Cultural is support from your community and culture. This includes support such as access to treatment programs, laws that support recovery, non-stigmatizing language in the media, and access to support groups.

They are looking for 15 volunteers in Itasca and Aitkin counties to give their time and passions to be changemakers in our communities.  The sky is the limit with an idea you might have - from health care professionals, artists, faith leaders, writers, naturalists and storytellers. 

Applications are due by July 1st - and the Changemaker Retreat is August 21st-22nd at Long Lake Community Center in Palisade, MN.