Phenology Talkbacks

Dallas Clell Hudson via KAXE-KBXE Season Watch FB Page

Tuesdays are special around here!  Every Tuesdya during the morning show, we bring listeners The Phenology Show, it's a special time when we focus on and celebrate the amazing natural world around us!  Listeners send in phone messages and emails with observations and questions while our resident phenologist does a deep dive comparing what he's noticed in the week to the same dates in his journals from years gone by.  This week we heard from the adorable Ruth, Axel and Pearl Newstock as they called in a report of a family hike. We also heard from Chris on Hill Lake and Harvey Tjader in the Bemidji area.  In John's official Phenology Report, he discusses butterflies and blooms and more!

Dale Irish, taken from his trail cam near Cook, MN

Every Tuesday we focus on the natural world around us during the Phenology Show.  Listeners send in comments and observations from their daily lives and adventures while our resident phenologist John Latimer provides a full report of animal activity, growth and blooms, comparing aspects of current happenings to events in past years.  Take a listen to this week's listener comments and John's full report  below.  In addition to learning about a wide variety of forest blooms, you'll hear about a heron killing a pesky squirrel and another heron killing 12 chipmunks! 

Gary Payne, KAXE-KBXE Season Watch Facebook Page

We missed our weekly reports from students this week, but thankfully we received  several reports from other folks in addition to our one student report from Auggie on Northern Sun Farms in Shevlin!  So much in bloom, so much activity, so many reasons to get outside and take note of the beauty all around us here in northern Minnesota!  

Learn how to help a turtle across the road, find out what a snake puked up while Auggie was holding it and discover many, many more observations from him and several other area phenologists in this talkback segment! 

Tammy Bobrowsky KAXE-KBXE Season Watch FB Page

Talkback is one way we engage with listeners.  Phenology talkbacks become a conversation that paints a picture of what's happening out in nature at a given moment in the phenological cycle.   Each week, we receive reports, comments, and questions from listeners and classrooms across Minnesota.   Since school went online in March, we noticed the kids and classrooms engaging in phenology even more than before. We are so happy to provide an avenue for kids to get jazzed about nature!  We're going to miss their classroom reports this summer.  

Angela Nistler via KAXE-KBXE Season Watch FB Page

Covid times have been a little crazy in many ways… Enjoy two weeks of back to back phenology reports below.  Relive the dawn of summer thru the eyes of our student phenologists and our keen listeners who make it a point to document what they are noticing outside!  What are you noticing?  Send us an email that includes either a voice recorded memo from your phone or a written note.  You can always call 218-999-9876 and leave a voicemail on our talkback line as well…as the kids say, “Be Observant!