Strong Women: Laura Packer

May 25, 2018

Laura Packer is a professional story-teller, writer, coach and self proclaimed "real-time dreamer." Passionate about the power of storytelling  to build empathy,  cultivate relationships and create connection between humans, Packer uses her gifts to help others.  She facilitates workshops to help others use storytelling as a way to share experiences and ultimately help build community and understanding. 

She will host a writing and performance workshop related to the #metoo movement at the Headwaters School of Music and Arts in Bemidji June 1st and 2nd.

During the Thursday morning show, Packer discussed the ubiquity of #metoo stories, the importance of storytelling in begining important conversations and how next weekend's workshops and performances will unfold.  She also gave us insight on her story-telling life even shared some tips on how to write stories about complicated issues.

The Friday workshop runs from 6-9pm June 1st and the Saturday performances begin at 7pm, June 2nd, all at Headwaters School of Music and Arts in Bemidji.