Watermark Art Center

I feel like the art is sort of a vehicle for showing that connection that I have, but because it's so hands on and you're working with natural materials... in a way it is sort of a natural experience just creating it. - Kristen Anderson 

Mark Granlund

...these paintings are really talking about that level of energy that's out there and those patterns that you find in nature that we also find within ourselves and how they line up and match a little bit...So painting these large scale paintings - to me, they sort of have to be large, because that's kind of the experience when you're out there. You're completely immersed in it.- Mark Granlund on his Unutterable Spaces exhibit



...that's what art gives us, a better world...Artists, they create works either to document history... or they're a reflection of society and human nature, and it's always been a big part of art in terms of either history or creating stories with a moral in order to give things for people to think about in life - in terms of where we are as a society and how we want to interact with one another... Laura Goliaszewski, Gallery Director, Talley & Harlow/Kleven Galleries.


Show Me A Story, the current exhibit at The Harlow/Kleven Gallery within the Watermark Art Center, inspires curiosity by inviting the viewer to engage thoughtfully with each work.   Laura Goliaszewski curated the show.  In this Area Voices segment she discusses the cultural relevance of art, the current and upcoming exhibits, and how experiencing art allows people to more deeply experience themselves and more meaningfully move through the world.



I think that this time of the year and especially this year … we want to connect. And I think connecting through art and giving that gift that's so personal….  It has a little bit more of a human connection.

One of my potters said, “you know, I'm making that work and I'm thinking about who's going to own it.” ... And so there's that personal connection to another person through that work. And I think that's really evident when you're buying a piece of original art. - Lori Forshee-Donnay,  Watermark Art Center

...most of the time, it's just making the mark and being expressive....I try to see the character in the marks that I'm making on the canvas and work from there...usually it kind of reveals itself to me in some way... - Quinton Decker on getting inspiration thru his artistic process

We spoke with artist John Pearson earlier this month about his photography exhibit on display at the Watermark Art Center in Bemidji.   He educated us on the photogravure process,  his journey as an photographer and artist, how story is captured in each moment of photography and of course his Invisible Valley collection on display at the Watermark. 

Listen to the full interview here: 

I just love beadwork - Thomas Stillday

Every First Friday, our Area Voices producer Katie Carter gives us an idea of what's going on in Bemidji, Brainerd and other communities in our listening area.  Today she told us about a Thomas Stillday's beadwork exhibit at the Watermark Art Center in Bemidji,  events happening at the Crossing Arts Alliance in Brainerd and she discussed a new show at the Lyric Center for the Arts in Virginia. 

Every First Friday Area Voices Producer Katie Carter tips us off to what's happening in the arts scenes in Bemidji and other communities.  Today she discussed an art exhibit at the Crossing Arts Alliance in Brainerd and theatrical experiences at Central Lakes College in Brainerd. She also discussed new art exhibits and music opportunities in Bemidji!  

In addition to its multiple gallery spaces exhibiting artwork created in locales ranging from across town to across the globe, the Watermark Art Center is home to an educational space that hosts learning opportunties for artists of all ages on a regular basis.  Beadwork pouches, jewelry, paper marbeling, christmas ornament creating and paper sculptures are just a few classes offered during the past year.