Tuesday Morning Show

Laura Erickson joins Heidi Holtan and John Latimer on the Tuesday Morning Show.  They talk about her upcoming Zoom presentations on birding that she will be offering to her listeners and followers through her new Patreon account.  For more information go to lauraerickson.com.

Laura also shares her knowledge of red-eyed vireos, robins, hummingbirds, sandhill cranes and more!


Jun 17, 2020

Black Birders Week is a social media campaign celebrating black naturalists, and black birders in particular.  The initiative seeks to interrupt stereotypes about who belongs in nature and science, and was prompted in part by the Central Park birdwatching incident.  Co-founder of the event, Chelsea Conner, joins Heidi Holtan and John Latimer on the Tuesday Morning Show.  They talk about the challenges faced by black people being outdoors to enjoy nature.

When schools closed in MN due to the COVID-19 pandemic and distance learning began, John Latimer and I weren't sure we'd be getting student phenology reports anymore. 

We did. 

Rob Marohn teaches in the "outer reaches" of the Proctor School District at Pike Lake Elementary.  A group of his class thrived and dug in deeper on Phenology during home learning.  We talked with him this week to thank him for his contributions and on making it through a complicated school year.

Scott Stowell Essay: The Scariest Thing in the Forest

May 26, 2020

Scott Stowell, a contributing writer for Northern Community Radio, is from Ely.  He shares an essay on a recent trip he took to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, "The Scariest Thing in the Forest" on the Tuesday Morning Show. 

You can learn more about Scott at Writer Outfitter here.

Harry Hutchins joins John Latimer and Heidi Holtan on Tuesday mornings for A Talk on the Wildside.  This week Harry brings us singing birds with calls that are similar to that of the robin.  Harry and John compare the robins call with that of the rose-breasted grosbeak, the red-eyed vireo and the scarlet tanager.  You can hear the singing birds and lively conversation by clicking below.