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Hear our weekly conversation with Marshall Helmberger - he fills us in on the Tower City Council, the missing EPA comments, the Boundary Waters reservation system and what the


Friday mornings Timberjay editor Marshall Helmberger gives us the scoop on the stories they've been covering this week.  This time:

-Major bumps in the road causing rough rides for Hwy 169 travelers between Virginia and Tower

-A new Ely community wellness center


Marshall Helmberger is the publisher of the Timberjay newspaper and this week he talked about the continuing story of connecting towns like Orr and Ely to rural broadband and the difficulty with reliable phone service and internet to businesses.

Marshall Helmberger Timberjay

This week on the Border News Roundup, we hear about the Tower City Council meeting and the fate of the harbor project and meet Marilyn Turnbull, school cook at Tower-Soudan schhool who is asking for fair pay.  Marshall also talks about the impacts of climate change to northern MN and a recent federal report.