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Marshall Helmberger fills us in on Tower City Government, the DNRs decision to do their own environmental review for the Twin Metals Project (proposed copper nickel mining near the Boundary Waters), the lack of pine grosbeaks at the feeder and 30 years of the Timberjay newspaper. 


Marshall from the Timberjay newspaper fills us in this Friday on a big turnout in Orr about community concerns over a recent crime spree in the region.  Orr and St. Louis County residents are organizing and communicating with St. Louis County police about how to make their area safer.  We also hear of a proposal to merge the 5 community colleges in northern Minnesota and (of course) deer hunting opener!


Each week we talk with Marshall Helmberger from The Timberjay about the news in NE Minnesota.  Today we heard about a new bridge over the Vermilion River connecting ATV/Snowmobile trails, how Keith Ellison, MN's Attorney General responded to Frontier Communications and we meet a sauna fanatic Glenn Auerbach.  Marshall also tells us how the bear hunting season has gone and reminds us to head to the woods tomorrow - grouse se

Brian Peterson - Star Tribune

Marshall Helmberger is a regular staple of the Friday Morning Show - reporting on news from NE MN that he covers in The Timberjay.  For quite some time Marshall has been the watchdog and "muckracking journalist" reporting on questionable practices in Tower, MN city government.  He was recently featured in the Star Tribune.  


This week Timberjay editor Marshall Helmberger has breaking news from the EPA.  They have released long-sought comments on the proposed copper nickel mine near Hoyt Lakes that call into question previous statements by the MPCA.  Marshall also told us about Lampaa Manufacturing in Tower terminating the lease on their new building as well as news from the recent 5 hour Tower Ci