...there's a lot of innovative and exciting approaches that, quite honestly, youth are driving...the younger generation is so keyed in on our responsibilities, we're seeing some amazing efforts to protect and preserve our our environment and understand the interconnectedness and relatedness...I get hope...from seeing's an amazing thing. - Dr. Anna Carlson

"There's 29 best practices. They fall under five categories... building and lighting, land use, things of that keeps cities's just a good program that doesn't cost anything to join" - Joel Anastasio on Green Step Cities 

The BYObag Committee of the Grand Rapids Earth Circle challenges you and your family to a PLASTIC FREE DAY.

Choose a day between July 7th and 15th and challenge yourself to say no to:

Single use plastics

Bags, bottles, straws and utensils

In celebration of Earth Day and Earth Week, Bemidji State University hosts the 2nd annual Arts of the Earth Festival this Saturday and Sunday.  The two day event promises activities and educational, enlightening experiences for all ages.  Both days have a full schedule of workshops, documentaries, arts demonstrations, live music and inspiration.  More than 30 artists and vendors will have booths se

Leah Lemm

Listen to our newest Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund produced series with Leah Lemm.

In this episode we feature Annie Humphrey.  She's a musician, artist and self-described Queen of the Side Hustle. She lives in a way that embodies many aspects of what these episodes are about: sustainable living, traditions, and indigenous lifeways.