Support Within Reach

You can always withdraw consent.  Whether you initiate or whether you initally  consented.  You can stop... it's really important for kids to know that they can withdraw consent at any time. And if their partner doesn't respect that, that is sexual assault...  Nobody is entitled to somebody else, ever. - Gabrielle Congrave Baggenstoss, Support Within Reach


It actually changes your brain. It changes your body, your perception of your body, and it changes your spirit, too. - Gabrielle Congrave Baggenstoss, Support Within Reach


Support Within Reach is an area nonprofit dedicated to helping victims of sexual violence.  Gabrielle Congrave Baggenstoss is a Regional Navigator for Support Within Reach. In this Area Voices segment, she discusses her work, explains sexual exploitation and who is at greatest risk, discusses the prevalence of sex trafficking in our region, addresses date rape, and educates on both the psychological effects of sexual violence and how to help individuals who’ve been traumatized it.