Each week John and Heidi pull up a chair to one of our member’s kitchen tables and get to know them a little bit better. This week’s caller, Tom from the Tarpaper Observatory fills the hole in his stomach with a beaker of maple syrup in his oatmeal and yogurt.

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Kent Montgomery joins Heidi and John on the Thursday Morning Show to talk about his experiences collecting sap to make maple syrup.  He tells us this year hasn’t been the greatest year for collecting but not the worst either.  Kent talks about the time and energy that goes into producing syrup with about 30 to 35 gallons of sap per one gallon of syrup.  He describes the importance of friends and family gathering together to converse and enjoy one another’s company while watching the sap boil.

Last year was phenomenal.   We had 960 gallons of sap and then that of course boiled down to 20+  gallons of syrup. I don't know what to expect this year... The frost isn't out of the ground yet, but we've already started boiling. It could be really big or it could...It could be one and done, one big run and then they shut down and and you have to stop collecting sap. - Mur Gilman

Bob Shimek

Ininaatig...what we're talking about here is Tree of Man or Tree of Mankind. When we say that our own Indian way around here... it is like our Tree of Life. - Bob Shimek 

David Manuel

We're looking at what they call the market garden concept when we transition into spring and we start seeding our trees and prepare for the garden season and we have a farmer's market up there.We have it for three years, maybe four. And that has been building every year, every year we've had more and more customers. We were out there last year wearing masks. Because that's how important our mission is. It’s about growing local healthy food for our tribal members. Bottom line. - David Manuel