Today we were treated to a story from our friends Natasha and Nana Boozhoo and we learn the Ojibwe words Waagosh and Waabooz - the fox and the rabbit. Created by cartoonist, musician and puppeteer Michael Lyons and made possible by the MN Arts and Culture Fund.

This week Leah Lemm takes us with her to Grand Marais to meet storyteller and children's book author Rose Arrowsmith DeCoux.

Northern Voices made possible in part by the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund and the citizens of Minnesota.

Laura Packer is a professional story-teller, writer, coach and self proclaimed "real-time dreamer." Passionate about the power of storytelling  to build empathy,  cultivate relationships and create connection between humans, Packer uses her gifts to help others.  She facilitates workshops to help others use storytelling as a way to share experiences and ultimately help build community and understanding. 

Slam storyteller, writer and journalist Ward Rubrecht was the first visiting writer in the Farm by the Lake's Storytelling Series which began yesterday and will continue until late March.  Ward spoke on the morning show last week about slam poetry and elements of a good story.  He even gave some editing tips.  Click on the link for the interview. 

The Storytelling Series takes place at the Bagley Public Library with each event beginning at 3pm.  Below is a schedule of visiting writers to come: 

January 28th: Dick Roue