Steve Downing

Essays by Steve Downing: Election Terms

Sep 18, 2020

Steve Downing shares his essay on how the terms “the American people” and “the American way of life” are being loosely tossed around during these election times.

Essays by Steve Downing: USPS thoughts on the Friday Morning Show

Aug 31, 2020

Steve Downing shares his thoughts on the United States Postal Service.... it's past, present and possible future.

Steve Downng shares his thoughts on small gatherings after being in Covid lockdown now for three months.

Essays by Steve Downing: Listen to your body

May 19, 2020

Steve Downing shares his essay about listening to your boday.  When you are eating, excercising or even doing yoga, what is your body telling you?  What is your capacity for you to listen to your body?  Hear what Steve's entertaining thoughts are on this subject.

Steve Downing shares his essay on introverts and how they fare during this time of pandemic, social distancing and virtual communicating.

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Essays by Steve Downing - Prague

Dec 4, 2018

After a trip to Prague Steve Downing shares his thoughts and comparisons of the Old World vs the New World in this essay.