Senator Tina Smith

Senator Tina Smith joins Heidi and John on the Thursday Morning Show for Making Sausage.  Senator Smith tell us about the bipartisan PPP Access for Rural Hospitals Act she has introduced along with Senator Roger Wicker. Many rural hospitals were not eligible for the Paycheck Protection Program forgivable loan because they are part of a larger network.   This act would allow smaller non-profit and rural hospitals access to the PPP program helping them with revenue loss and cost increases during the pandemic.


Senator Tina Smith joined us to talk about the Capitol insurrection on January 6th - she says it was an attack on the core principles of our democracy. 

Meet Senator Tina Smith - DFL Candidate for US Senate

Oct 28, 2020

*We are continuing our Meet the Candidates conversations for the November 3rd 2020 elections.  We recently talked with Senator Tina Smith (DFL) who is running for reelection.  She is running against Jason Lewis (R).  You can hear our interview with him here.

It is our goal to give you information so you can go to the polls ready to vote.

Senator Tina Smith joins Heidi Holtan and John Bauer on the Thursday Morning Show to talk about the issues of childcare and the lack of availability and affordability in rural Minnesota during the pandemic.   Sen. Smith's Child Care is Essential Act passed the House with bipartisan support earlier this summer and now needs to move through the Senate.

Senator Tina Smith on the COVID-19 Treatment Coverage Act

Aug 31, 2020

Senator Tina Smith joins Heidi and John on the Thursday Morning Show.  Senator Smith talks about the new bill she has introduced, the COVID-19 Treatment Coverage Act, that will help protect Americans from COVID-19 expenses so that they can get the eventual vaccine without worrying about how they are going to afford it.

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All eyes are on Washington DC today as Robert Mueller from the Justice Department will be testifying before the House Judiciary and Intelligence committee. 

There are others things that are going on as well.  Senator Tina Smith, along with Senator Amy Klobuchar represent MN in Washington at the Senate. 

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and this morning Senator Tina Smith (DFL) from Minnesota tells us about a bill she is sponsoring - The Mental Health Services for Students Act.

We talked with Sam Brodey (Washington correspondent for Minn Post) on the Thursday Morning Show today about the turbulent DFL political climate right now.  Five candidates are still in the race for District 8 and Senator Tina Smith faces Richard Painter - once a Republican in President George W. Bush's administration turned Democrat and staunchly anti-Trump.