Sean Dunham

Sean Dunham is Archaeologist and Heritage Program Manager for the Chippewa National Forest. This summer Sean will be assisting St Cloud State graduate student Andrew Domine in exploring and excavating a turn-of-the 20th-century logging camp located near the Norway Beach campground. According to Sean, the site is currently being called the Wanaki (wa-NAH-key) Camp.

Sean Dunham is an archeologist working in the Chippewa National Forest.  In this segmetn of Let's Visit, he discusses timetables associated with the Chippewa National Forest as well as the mysterious Star Island! What do you love to do in the Chippewa National Forest?  Send us an email and let us know! We'd love to hear about it! 

There are over 3,000 archaeological sites in northern Minnesota’s Chippewa National Forest, covering a range of time from just after the Ice Age (10,000 years ago) to the early 20th century. The sites include early logging camp sites, fur trade sites, recreational sites, and sites reflecting Ojibwe and Dakota heritage.