Rural Arts and Culture Summit

Steve Downing has been a longtime advocate for the arts - and rural arts especially.  Take a listen to his review of the recent Rural Arts and Culture Summit that was held in Grand Rapids. 

We always knew it...we always knew that art and culture are phenomenally important to keeping hope and progressive action moving in the right direction. You know it is just inspiring to be exposed to art...

I have to thank Mrs. Strickland, a fifth grade teacher in south central Los Angeles...I was a child that was motherless. I was moved around a lot. We didn't have foster care but I actually kind of cycled between several families - some biological, some not.  And, I stuttered, and I was always a new student, always you know, very very shy. And she caught me writing and I used to just write stories that were basically things of whimsical stories about talking animals or something I wanted to say some to somebody and I couldn't get it out...

On the final day of the Rural Arts and Culture Summit in Grand Rapids from October 3rd-5th Kathy Dodge, Sonja Merrild and Ed Zabinski will be leading a talk about how city government can lead in arts and culture - and how that makes rural places better.

From the write up at the 2019 Rural Arts and Culture Summit in Grand Rapids Thursday October 3rd-5th

WE CAN! Working Towards Equity in Rural Communities through Female-led Artistic Interventions and Creative Action

Ashley Hanson, Lauren Carlson, Cassie Williams, Esmeralda Hernandez, Saara Raapana, (Women’s Empowerment Creative Action Network)