Robert Jevne

The Pandemic Papers by Robert Jevne

May 28, 2020

Robert Jevne is a contributing writer for Northern Community Radio.  He shares his poetry, essays and musings in The Pandemic Papers, written during the COVID-19 pandemic, a time like no other we have known.

Robert Jevne "Of Beyond"

Apr 20, 2020

Robert Jevne reads a pandemic inspired poem he has written.  You can hear "Of Beyond" here.

Listen here to this "very special" final wordish episode featuring: My last will and testament (kind of). Many thanks to all the writers who contributed to wordish, the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund, and the listener members of Northern Community Radio who made it possible.

From her most recent chapbook: Elemental, Julia Klatt Singer offers her insight on the malleable nature of copper

Listen to this performance piece from Mike Finley about fatherhood. No, really - listen to it.

Duluth poet Julie Gard keeps watch over the Lester River. Listen here to find the source of her fascination

Last week Rob Dougherty presented a lovely poem about his son and this week Marsh Muirhead contributes more of his masterful haiku

A recent U.N. report predicted the potential for a million plant and animal species to become extinct this century.  Kinda makes a person think...

Maybe you've heard that song - "What's time to a hog?" If you want a more thorough perspective on that perspective thing, ask NCR Staff Physicist Aaron Wenger. Here's his poem called "Speed"

Scott Lowery is a poet and educator from Rollingstone in the bluff country of southeastern Minnesota. In his poem "Calling the Border",  Kafka meets ICE with sadly predictable results.