Nana Boozhoo and Natasha the stars of the show!

Today we learned ZAASAKOKWAAN BAAKWEZHIGAN.  The Ojibwe word for frybread.  There's even a recipe!  Thanks to Michael Lyons and his sidekicks Nana Boozhoo and Natasha for contributing their work to KAXE/KBXE. 

"Are you a tugger or a cutter?" According to Star Tribune feature writer Kim Ode, these are the two methods  people use to harvest rhubarb. Ode is a tugger, as was her mother. And even though the spring has been unusually cool, the rhubarb is thriving!

What's your weekend cocktail?  Email us or try this from cookbook author Julia Turshen.  She was our guest on the Friday Morning Show.


Here's the recipe from Julia's book "Small Victories"