public art

"It was a vibrancy very much like Bemidji.  A vibrancy of art, of spoke word, of theater and music and it was just this gorgeous little town and there were these sculptures on the corner and we thought, this is really cool to have an outdoor gallery lik this where artists are allowed to display the things they think about and work on.  And, you can't avoid it.  You can avoid goinmg into a gallery.  You can't avoid the sculpture walk.  So, it's art on display. Everyboy has an opinion of one way sort of another about it.  And it started to happen.

“It really opens your mind, it gets you exposed to a bigger world.  It triggers a whole different part of our brain…It’s actually been proven that it boosts cognitive abilities and it’s something that absolutely everyone can enjoy.” Nicolle LaFleur on the importance of accessible arts experiences.

Bemidji Sculpture Walk

First beavers, then dragonflies, now dogs.   The Bemidji Sculpture Walk has added 3 dimensional intrigue to downtown Bemidji since 1999.   In 2010, the Bemidji Sculpture Walk started the first of its painted form fundraisiers.  That year, ten beaver sculptures were painted by area artists, placed in downtown Bemidji for a year, then autioned off with proceeds going toward the Sculpture Walk.  Four years later, The forms were dragonflies.  Tonight, 12 unique dog sculpures will be auction off at the

PRLAAC Facebook Page

  Park Rapids, MN celebrates Art Leap! this weekend.   It's a unique opportunity to see artists in their studios creating their work.   LuAnn Hurd-Loff told  us all about the 2 day, self-guided tour on today's morning show.  Pick up a map to the various studios at the Park Rapids Chamber Visitor Center, the Park Rapids Library, the Community Education building or any of the several motels in downtown Park Rapids.

The creative spirit is strong in northern Minnesota and here at Northern Community Radio we celebrate it!  On the First Friday of every month, our Area Voices segment connects you with the arts events happening around the listening region.