Investigative reporter Jack Sharpe is down to his last chance. Fired from his high-profile gig with a national news channel, his only lead is a phone full of messages from a grad student named Tori Justice, who swears she's observed an impossible result in a local election. Sharpe is sure she's mistaken...but what if she isn't?  Sharpe learns that the person behind the hack is determined to turn American politics upside down.

The Impeachment Trial continues on in our country...  If you used social media as an indicator both sides are more active than ever in politics….paying attention, consuming news, tweeting and more.  Is this the new activism or are we as a country actually LESS involved in politics than before we had all digital tools at hand. 

Aaron Brown and Chuck Marohn work in our local communities and I posed to them to answer WHY in this day and age, do they keep bringing up topics that others don't agree with.  Why do they dig deep into community?  Why do you? 

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Heidi Holtan

Have you heard people talking about how un-civil we are, right now at this time in history? 

Has political discourse has unraveled? 

In this first conversation Chuck and Aaron take us back in history to yellow journalism and remind us that political bias and negative political campaigns were always there.  What is different is social media and how fully it overtakes our lives, day and night. 

On the Monday morning show we checked in with Minn Post's Washington correspondent Sam Brodey. He's been covering the most expensive congressional race in the nation - the Nolan vs. Mills race for the District 8 seat. Listen to our conversation and tune in Election night starting at 8pm for NPR's election coverage. On the Wednesday morning show we'll update you on local races across northern MN. We also recommend election night reading of MinnesotaBrown.com as well as Minn Post for  live election results.