Louise Waakaa'igan spent 16 years in prison.  During that time, she leaned on a coping mechanism she developed in her early teens - poetry.   Inspired and encouraged by the Minnesota Prison Writing Workshop,  she honed her writing skills while incarcerated.

Poetry by DyAnne Korda & Robert Jevne

May 1, 2020

On the last day of National Poetry Month, Katie Carter interviews poet DyAnne Korda from Ely. She shares her poems Peepers and Heart Medicine.  For more on DyAnne and her poetry go to dyannekorda.com.  Katie ends this extended hour of the Morning Show with poems by Roert Jevne.  He reads his poems Bound to Heaven and Falling Short.

During today's extended hour of morning show programming poetry, art and nature were topics of consideration and conversation... here are poems by Marsh Muirhead and Carol Ann Russell as well as an Area Voices piece from the vault about poet Erin Marsh.  

Marsh Muirhead: 

Carol Ann Russell

Area Voices: Erin Marsh

In Klecko's new book "Hitman-Baker-Casketmaker:  Aftermath of an American's Clash with ICE" he reminds us to pay attention.  Pay attention to the people in our world that make things happen.  Your home ec teacher.  The people who clean your hotel room.  The people who bake your hot dog bun at the Superbowl. 

These people matter to our daily lives.  Klecko tells a personal story of his life and the aftermath of an ICE raid at St. Agnes Bakery right before the Super Bowl in Minneapolis. 


From the write up at the 2019 Rural Arts and Culture Summit in Grand Rapids Thursday October 3rd-5th

WE CAN! Working Towards Equity in Rural Communities through Female-led Artistic Interventions and Creative Action

Ashley Hanson, Lauren Carlson, Cassie Williams, Esmeralda Hernandez, Saara Raapana, (Women’s Empowerment Creative Action Network)

MacRostie Art Center


MacRostie Art Center is pleased to announce in its September series of Artist Talks an evening with Minnesota poets Louis Jenkins and Connie Wanek.

The September Artist Talk is co-sponsored by Northern Community Radio, and the evening will also feature readings by KAXE/KBXE poets Steve Downing and Robert Jevne.

“Haiku are kind of the most gem-like, jewel-like poem.  They are very short.  Unlike other poetry, they don’t use fancy words, metaphor, simile, rhyme.  The lines aren’t even capitalized…and they are usually three lines of something fewer than 17 syllables that compare one image with another or reveal an image and then change it so there is a surprise.” –Marsh Muirhead

Marley Kaul

We Sit is a collaborative book of art by painter Marley Kaul and poet Geri Wilimek. Inviting readers to contemplate mortality, impermanence and rich morsels of experience, the stunning paintings and Zen inspired poetry ignite thought and conjure memories.  In this segment of Area Voices, these longtime confidants discuss their decades long friendship, the prevelance of meditation in their lives, their creative processes and how this collaboration of painting of poetry came to be. 

Carol Ann Russell recently received an Artist Fellowship from the Region 2 Arts Council.  The fellowship recognizes Russell's lifelong achievements in poetry and will financially support her efforts to publish a fifth volume of poetry - a retrospective including poems from earlier in her life alongside new works.  In addition to the four books of her own poetry, Russell's work has been included in many literary magazines including Ploughshares, Poetry Northwest, Portland Review, Montana Review, and Visions International.  Her poems have bee


Letters from Max - A Book of Friendship is a book like no other I've read in awhile.  It motivated me to start a special correspondence with a friend of mine who has the same sensibilities to life as I do, even if we have a 37 year age difference.  That spark of creativity was there from the get-go according to teacher, writer and celebrated playwright Sarah Ruhl