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More on impeachment on Dig Deep with Chuck Marohn and Aaron Brown

Our podcast only editions of Dig Deep are a little looser, you'll want to check this one out on the Green New Deal.  Listen in to Chuck Marohn our conservative commentator and Strong Towns CEO and founder - as well as liberal commentator Aaron Brown - journalist and creator of Minnesota Brown and host/producer of KAXE/KBXE's

Is it naive to think that compromise could ever happen?  Is there a way out of the current stalemate with the partial government shutdown.  When Aaron Brown and Chuck Marohn were in to record this podcast only conversation we made guesses on when the shutdown might end - keep in mind it was January 8th. 


Chuck talks about how the fake news DOES apply to those of us who live in rural areas....because media doesn't come from small towns, it comes from large urban areas.  So the news that we see on TV, read in papers and listen to on the radio, isn't news from where we live.  Sometimes it feels fake. 

Listen in to this extra, podcast-only edition of Dig Deep they look at Kavanaugh Hearings.  We pair conservative Chuck Marohn and liberal Aaron Brown.  Aaron says "what do you think went wrong there?". 

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This time Chuck and Aaron dig into District 8 by discussing some of the campaign mudslinging, on a personal level.  

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This is the podcast/online end to the conversations that revolve around the next Governor of MN.