I...wanted to showcase our resilience...and our sustainability... my focus was on the plants... all these spirits, all these plants all have a virtue that are meant to help us.  And they're all either food or medicine or both. - Vern Northrup discussing his exhibit, Akinomaage

Minnesota native Jim Brandenburg traveled the globe as a photographer for National Geographic for over 3 decades.  He’s been published nationally and internationally with many awards and honors including magazine photographer of the year 2x.


He’s published many bestselling books and has and continues to produces documentary films.

Debbie Center

“You live your passion and stuff happens... things that come as naturally as breathing, I just, I have to do them.” – Debbie Center 

Lake life inspires Debbie Center’s artistic life.  She loves all that the natural world of northern Minnesota has to offer and relishes in exploring the outdoors – particularly the beauty out the back door of her Nevis, MN home.  A musician and photographer, Debbie incorporates the woods and waters into her artistic endeavors, capturing lake life in images and film while meshing bird calls and natural harmonies into her music.