Phenology Student Reports

When schools closed in MN due to the COVID-19 pandemic and distance learning began, John Latimer and I weren't sure we'd be getting student phenology reports anymore. 

We did. 

Rob Marohn teaches in the "outer reaches" of the Proctor School District at Pike Lake Elementary.  A group of his class thrived and dug in deeper on Phenology during home learning.  We talked with him this week to thank him for his contributions and on making it through a complicated school year.

Tammy Bobrowsky KAXE-KBXE Season Watch FB Page

Talkback is one way we engage with listeners.  Phenology talkbacks become a conversation that paints a picture of what's happening out in nature at a given moment in the phenological cycle.   Each week, we receive reports, comments, and questions from listeners and classrooms across Minnesota.   Since school went online in March, we noticed the kids and classrooms engaging in phenology even more than before. We are so happy to provide an avenue for kids to get jazzed about nature!  We're going to miss their classroom reports this summer.  

Corey Campbell via KAXE-KBXE Season Watch FB Page

Wow... It's the most wonderful time of the year!  Click on the links below to hear all about the wild wonder our student phenologists and listeners are taking note of!  We'd love to include your observations in our weekly report... don't hesitate to call 218-999-9876 or send an email and tell us what you are noticing!

Among many other things, Auggie reports the frogs going quiet when the air got cold...

Blackberry kids birds and blooms in their neck of the woods...

Sean Dunham via KAXE-KBXE Season Watch FB Page

We're in the thick of glorious Minnesota springtime!  Click on the following links to hear what the kids and oters are noticing!  We'd love to hear about what you are seeing... send an email or call our talkback line at 218-999-9876. Get outside!

The kids at North Shore Community School have noticed bluebirds, spring peepers, butterflies and bees! 

Kids at Pike Lake Elementary saw hooded mergansers, ticks, and loons!

Kids in Barnum report thousands of fish eggs and forest ramps!

Lori Ann via KAXE-KBXE Season Watch FB Page

WOW!  We heard from so many people this week!  We loved all the incredible reports!  Click on the links to hear the beauty that folks are witnessing.  What a dreamy time to live in northern Minnesota!  

Augie's Report from Shevlin includes frogs, leeches and snakes, oh my!

Tony on Dixon Lake reports kingfishers among other amazing things!

Peyton's report from the Ely 6th graders has all kinds of hope for green things to come!

Blackberry school reports robins, ice outs and skunks!