The rhythmic biological events are they relate to climate.

Heidi spoke with John Latimer today about butterflies!  It's just about that time of year and some folks are reporting seeing them already!  In this segment John discusses subtle differences between various species and gets us generally jazzed about more butterflies to come!  

Tune in tomorrow during the morning show for more of John and one of our favorite things, The Phenology Show!

What are you noticing outside? Send an email and let us know!

For me, nature is the only place that feels 'normal' during these pandemic times. With all the uncertainty, right now I know this: anytime my brain is swirling, my kids are bursting with energy, I have the need to scream or cry - we step outside, and everything seems to melt away. 

We caught up with our Early Bird Fishing Guide Jeff Sundin this morning!  According to MN Governor Tim Walz's website, FISHING is specifically listed as one of the permissible activities during the stay at home order, so find some bait - many bait shops will still be open for business tomorrow - and get out fishing... at least six feet from your buddies of course.  

Laura Erickson

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You can also email us to get the Phenology curriculum used in schools across Minnesota and the list!

Nicole Hoops via KAXE-KBXE Season Watch FB Page

Every week John takes an indepth look at the subtle changes happening outside as the seasons move thru their cycles.   This week he reports on the bald eagle nesting near his home, birds returning to the area including robins and killdeer and purple finches, and his first chipmunk of the year.  It's a beautiful time of change outside!   Get out and enjoy it and then connect with us to let us know what you are noticing!  Call 218-999-9876 or email with your observations!  We'd love to hear from you! 

Michelle Martin, Prairie Creek Community School

One thing that connects us all and gives us all kinds of good feels is the beauty of nature right outside.  What a wonderful treat to continue receiving school phenology reports even though kids aren't attending school as they were just one week ago.  We are so grateful to get these reports from the kids! A ray of sunshine on a cloudy day, that is for sure.  

Schools are closed, kids are home and parents need a break. Physical distancing is good for keeping us away from Covid-19, but it's also a little boring and most of us are left looking for positive things to fill our days. 

KAXE/KBXE Staff Phenologist John Latimer recommends getting outside! Each day we are checking in with John about cool things to do outdoors - for kids, adults, everyone! It's Phenology at Home.

Today he told us how to make a "sit spot."

This week, a daily conversation with John Latimer became part of the Morning Show at 9:30.

"Go outside," is the recommendation from Staff Phenologist John Latimer. John suggested some common plants to look for in spring, including Speckled Alders, Hazelbrush, Red Elderberry, and Fly Honeysuckle

Today John offered up a twig experiment for parents and kids to do together during this time when kids are at home every day. It involves observation and documentation in a fun and interesting way for phenologists young and old. See the worksheets below for help in observing.
Fishers by Nancy Mike Johnson

In response to COVID-19 we are creating more local content on Northern Community Radio - to keep us less socially isolated and to continue with our mission to be a resource and be trusted in our communities. 

Debbie Center via KAXE-KBXE Season Watch FB Page

Taking time to contemplate what is happening in nature is one of the many aspects of Northern Community Radio that sets us apart from any other radio station.  Each day we bring you a phenology note when our resident phenologist John Latimer shares a note from his more than 35 years of personal journals documenting climate and nature data collection.  Each Tuesday he digs even deeper with the weekly Phenology Report.