Peacemaker Resources

...In this heightened sense of anxiety, this heightened sense of the unknown...we don't have a clear vision of the future and we need to hold that close and give ourselves more space, more time, more patience ... giving ourselves grace and remembering that there's so much going on right now... we just really need to be kinder to ourselves... because of all the factors happening in our world.  It's extra important to slow down, to give ourselves space to just be and to just process everything that's going on.    And as parents, give our children that space to process... when you're seeing more behaviors from your children or even within yourself or other family members, remember that there are just so many more charged emotions in our world that affect how we are able to regulate ourselves, how we're able to handle different situations...A good first step is to slow down and give yourself and your loved ones a little bit more space. – Chelsea Ottman Rak, Peacemakers Resources

"We're all about communication, compassion, and's putting the value of the other individual and the relationship that we have with them at the center. It's more so about building community- building a sense of trust, honoring another person and their good intentions even when conflict may arise.

“We want to cultivate communication, compassion and connection… We provide professional development in a variety of different ways to organizations, to agencies, to schools in the area. We really focus on helping people understand the impact of adverse childhood experiences…how historical trauma and intergenerational adversity impact us all and really help to build healthy, empowered, thriving communities thru this work.” – Linsey McMurrin discussing the work of Peacemaker Resources