New Music

Joshua Henry is likely recognized on the streets of New York City for reasons other than the release of this EP. Henry gained notorioty for playing Aaron Burr in the wildly successful play Hamilton on Broadway, and will be starring in Lin-Manuel Miranda's directorial film debut, Tick Tick...Boom!.

The KAXE/KBXE album of the week comes from Steve Earle & The Dukes called J.T. It pays tribute to Steve's late son, Justin Townes Earle, who died unexpectedly of a drug overdose in August 2020. Steve has said J.T. is an album he 'never wanted to make'.

This week's featured Album of the Week is part of a series created by Adrian Younge and Ali Shaheed Muhammad, called Jazz is Dead. This series pairs the two musicians with various revered jazz musicians, like Doug Carn. 

Younge is an LA based musician, who often overlaps and blends music from today with sounds of the past. Shaheed Muhammad was a member of A Tribe Called Quest, and helped the group repurpose deep jazz cuts into new hip hop.

Every week on KAXE/KBXE, we dig into a new release as our Album of the Week. Sometimes we hear from a musician we all know and love, sometimes it's an album I think will challenge our beliefs about what a genre sounds like (or maybe just challenging in general!), sometimes it's a release so great that every single track should be heard, and sometimes, like this week, it's an introduction to a new musician.

Jonathan Edwards, who performs as Wayward, stopped by CenterStage Minnesota to talk about a new song written in the throes of the corona virus pandemic. "This song was literally written in my pajamas!" he said, which isn't a surprise since many of us are in our jammies most days. Hear the whole conversation by clicking below.

Violinist and Iron Range native, Jillian Rae talked with us during New Music this week in anticipation of our first CenterStage MN Concert of 2020.

We talk about her new album, I Can't Be the One You Want Me To Be, how she joined Two Many Banjos ('Hey, you have a violin!'), getting weird, cold medicine, and everything in between. Listen below.

Jillian Rae will be at the Mary Ives Studio Theater with her band on Thursday, January 16th. Doors open at 6:30pm, music starts at 7pm. Tickets here.

Long time vibrant member of the Bemidji and Minnesota music scene, Kristi Miller, stopped by the studio during New Music to talk about the new album (and our album of the week) Jim Miller by Family and Friends.

Listen to the interview (above) to hear more about putting them album together, recruiting great Bemidji and MN musicians to be involved, plans for a Volume 2, and the part in the new album that Kristi thinks would make Jim cringe. 

Over the past few years, Minnesota indie-rock band Hippo Campus, has made it to the top of 'Bands to Watch' lists around the world. These guys came out of the St. Paul Conservatory of Music and have a very educated knowledge of music. And they know how to write a hook.

Maggie Montgomery

The band Dancing Light stopped by the KBXE studio in Bemidji recently to sing a couple songs and tell a few stories. Their long career locally means there was lots to talk about. It was fun to have Greg, Kiki, and Sabbastian on the air live. Hear the whole conversation by clicking below.

'Have you heard of Barbara Dane?' Since we received Hot Jazz, Cool Blues, and Hard Hitting Songs from Smithsonian Folkways in March, that's a question I've been asking everyone. And I mean everyone: my dad, music industry folks, volunteers, listeners, etc. 

At 91, she's more than willing to tell her story of activism, how society has changed over the years, and MUSIC. Take some time to get to know the woman, the legend, Barbara Dane.

Hear to the interview below.