Native Artists

In my point of view,  what I see out there is different. Some people will go and just post the signs, but there's no meaning to the picture...Where I am, I always try to go to the back, the back of the crowd... because that's where you find your most interesting shot..the people on the back are just as important than the people in the front. I like to tell the entire story. - Nedahness Rose Greene



...the feedback that we've received from the's been incredibly emotional because it's such a heavy topic.  People have their own personal experiences that they bring to the exhibition - family experiences... I think one of the greatest things that I've witnessed is the fact that with this exhibition traveling,  it allows these other organizations that work directly with battered women or women's issues to be able to come together and provide access to services.... we had a basically....a summit here at All My Relations Arts of all these programs here in the Twin Cities that work with Native women that came together to talk about how they could work together to provide help to women. - Angela Two Stars

The culture was lost. Everybody had short hair.  Nobody was speaking in Ojibwe but, you know, the culture wasn't lost because people were still fishing and ricing and hunting and living within extended families. And so... all the meaningful native culture stuff you can't... destroy. - Michael Lyons referring to the time his grandfather fled boarding school and returned to Bena.

"Water has no political religious or ethnic identity. We have relationships with water based on beliefs needs and appreciation. Emotions such as joy, sorrow, fear, love and prayer are responses we have to water...but water has been shown to respond to what we do what we say and it's here to take care of us." - Karen Goulet, Director of the Miikanan Gallery

As Program Manager for First People's Fund, Jeremy Staab works to improve native communities by helping  native artists realize their transformational potential and succeed in the business of art. With tools, educational opportunities and resources for native artists, First People's Fund is positively impacting the lives, the economy and the spirit of whole communities.