#Monday Morning Show

There must be a reason that the words heart, and hearth, vary by only one letter. Little Falls, Mn. writer, Jonathan Wichmann explores

In her poem, Marble Stairs, Esko writer and KUMD volunteer Liz Minette, explores the history of  the rut through it's effect. Listen here and then escape the rut and submit your own writing to wordish@kaxe.org.

In this "Very Special 'Dig Deep' Edition" of wordish, I help Chuck Marone and Aaron Brown explain the economics of Northern Minnesota - through poetry!

This week, our old friend Sasquatch pitches a new venture that sounds eerily familiar...

Poet and educator, Athena Kildegaard of Morris details the rich beauty and deep entanglements of the Mississippi in her poem, "The River Speaks to my Mother."