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“… Having people that represent you on screen is a luxury that most native people never really get…It’s typically in the 1700s and 1800s in a nondescript tribe where a lot of the time we’re background characters, not the important focus of the story… Film has a great opportunity to create a lot of empathy…  If you’re a non-native person coming to this film, you get into that reality of the historical context of why native people have been disenfranchised and what’s going on in those communities and how certain people’s trauma has manifested in certain ways…It’s very exciting to give people

Ogimaakwewiwin hosts We Speak for Ourselves: Gigaagiigidotamaadizomin tonight at 5pm at the Rail River Folk School in Bemidji.  Native American women are often under-represented and mis-represented in the media. In this segment of Area Voices, Melissa Townsend, reporter and producer for Minnesota Native News and Simone Senogles from Ogimaakwewiwin discuss native women in the media and the importance of native women sharing their stories. 

Through much of his life, Migizi Pensoneau was keenly aware of the mis-representation or lack of representation of Native Americans in the media.  He's now a screenwriter and producer who works toward righting the wrongs of mainstream media.  His comedy group, The 1491s, creates and distributes content that shines a light on Native American stereotypes and inspires cultural awareness, cultivating social change and deeper understanding through comedy and

Let's Visit is Northern Community Radio way of sharing various communities and places in our broadcast region with our listeners.  This past month, Let's Visit focused on Remer, MN.  Remer is more than a palindrome.  It's a quaint, small town with a penchant for Bigfoot that serves as many students in the school district as there is population in the community itself.  Northland Community Schools serves children from Outing, Boy River, Longville, and Federal Dam.

Lori Rose Martin-Kingbird graduated from Trek North High School in Bemidji last spring.  She was recently crowned First Runner-up in the Miss Indian World Competition in Albequerque, NM.  She stopped by the KBXE studio to chat about the experience!