MN House of Representatives

Earlier this week we talked about the overabundance of plastic bags in the world.  Barb Veit and Pat Helmberger are experts when it comes to plastic bags - they've been working for years to get people to reuse cloth bags.  They came in to talk about the current legislation that would lift the ban on cities banning plastic bags on their own. 

From the House of Representatives site:

Representative Sandy Layman (R)-Cohasset from MN House District 5a talked with us about the change from her last term being in the majority and now moving into the minority and what that means.

Today our DFL commentator Colleen Nardone and Heidi Holtan talked with DFLer Rep. Rob Ecklund(Int'l Falls) from MN House District 3a.

All the Minnesota House of Representative members are up for reelection this year.  Julie Sandstede currently serves as the DFL Representative for House District 6A.  Her Republican challenger is Guy Anderson.  You can hear about their campaigns and how they would govern here!