Minnesota Artist

One of the biggest things for artists is putting yourself out there.  Is it going to sell? Are people going to like it? Is it too weird? ... The beautiful thing is, when it is "too weird,"...it makes it interesting. - Shelly Nelson, Brainerd Jewelry Artist

…Art school is an exciting process of slowly figuring out what you really want to study... I started out with jewelry and found it fun but there wasn't enough color. I really realized color was my favorite thing. So then I switched my major to ceramics…and I had my painting teacher who I was taking fundamental painting classes with. He said, “Gillian, you should change your major a third time and be a painter.

Lon Hodge and his dog Gander were back in our studios today getting ready for the opening reception tonight at the Reif Center Gallery for Grand Rapids artist Mary Corwin.

Mary's exhibit is called Barnabas 22. The number 22 signifies how many veterans die by suicide in our country every day.  Yes, every day. 

"Like in real life, you have the low points and the high points.  Their life had plenty of low points, but they always found the life in even the darkest of situations." - Luke Votava

“My idea is… a little bit of this dystopic idea of the environment…Perhaps the environment is doing exactly what it needs to do to get rid of humans that are causing it so much trouble…what if … nature took over some of the left over materials we had discarded – metal, clay… – and they started making more substantial hives and more substantial communities to protect themselves and get rid of us.” – Mary Beth Magyar on her Anal0gous series


Jonathan Thunder is a painter, illustrator, experimental filmmaker and cartoonist.  Influenced by his native heritage, Thunder's bold, vibrant, work inspires conversation around contemporary and historical themes.  His illustrations accompany many Ojibwe language projects.  His artist in residence projects engage youth in the creation of public art.  His films ignite curiosity and wonder.

John Bauer

Courtney Yasmineh started writing songs in her teens.

Aaron Spangler

Aaron Spangler grew up in Park Rapids, graduated from MCAD and went on to become a world renowned artist.  He lives with his wife-author and chef Amy Thielen and their son in a home he built himself nestled deep in the forest between Park Rapids and Two Inlets.