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Complexities of Opening School This Fall - MinnPost's Erin Hinrichs

Jul 23, 2020

MinnPost education reporter Erin Hinrichs joins Heidi on the Thursday Morning Show to help us learn about the complexities of the discussions to open schools this fall.  Erin talks about bussing issues, recruiting enough bus drivers and substitute teachers, and how all this will affect the schools budget issues.  Erin tells us the decision to open will be made no later than the week of July 27th.

Heidi Holtan

A special session of the 2020 MN Legislature is not a surprise – due in large part to a bonding bill that did not get passed and also the unusual circumstances of COVID-19.  But now, with the killing of George Floyd a new agenda for special session by Democrats has emerged.  Minn Post Reporter Walker Orenstein talked with us this morning on KAXE/KBXE. 


Gregg Aamot covers Greater MN for MinnPost and joins us from time to time to talk about his work.  In this conversation he told us about a recent article in MinnPost about LGA funding in the MN Legislative Session 2019.  Local government aid or LGA according to the League of MN Cities 'stabilizes

Peter Callaghan from MinnPost

Peter Callaghan joined us this morning for Making Sausage.  We talked budget stalemate, opioid bill, the Help America Vote Act and what the end of a legislative session. 

Today we talked with Andy Steiner about a collaboration of emergency department and mental health in the Twin Cities - her latest article on Minn Post is: New Set of Emergency Department standards may help identify patients at high risk for suicide

Peter Callaghan from MinnPost

We checked in with Peter Callaghan from Minn Post this morning about where the MN Legislature has been and what they've got left to do.

Peter Callaghan from MinnPost

Minn Post state government reporter Peter Callaghan was our guest this morning - he's been covering the start of the MN Legislative Session and told us about the gun legislation being proposed and how the parties feel about it, recent press conferences including the bipartisan MN response to partial federal government shutdown - as well as information on the four MN Republican House members

MN Governor-elect Tim Walz photo credit Peter Callaghan from MinnPost

Gregg Aamot reports on rural Minnesota for Minn Post.  We talked with Gregg on the Thursday Morning Show about his latest article "Why Greater Minnesota Interests Have High Hopes for the 2019 Legislative Session". 

from Gregg Aamot's article:

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MinnPost's Washington reporter Sam Brodey was back with us today to tell us more about his recent article "Who's Afraid of Ilhan Omar?  Saudi Arabia For One". 


Gregg Aamot / www.minnpost.com

Thank you to MinnPost and Gregg Aamot who wrote this great story about KAXE/KBXE.  Read the Full Story from MinnPost.